8 Mind Blocks Affect Your Law Of Attraction

Every individual has their various perspectives about a thing. These perspectives may also vary depending on how they react and see things in the world. The law of attraction may be the hardest thing for some people. Because not everyone can bravely face the things that scare them. There are too many inner obstacles to attract what you want. That’s why some people don’t try to attract, or that they haven’t been able to attract what they want.

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

Here are the 8 things which block the flow and hold us back from attracting what we want. Knowing the secret of these 8 obstacles is to really try to eliminate these things from our lives. From here, everything will become very interesting, and it will become quite easy to implement.

1. Your fears

Fear is the enemy of most people who want to manifest. Some people say that they are always afraid of the result and are unwilling to regard themselves as a pit of failure. Your inner fears are all seemingly false fantasy. You worry about what has not happened, which is very detrimental to the attraction process. Free yourself from fear, because what you fear does not really happen, and it will not happen unless you start to accept it. As a result, you will reactivate the law of attraction to put yourself in the same situation that you do not want.

2. Negative people

Each of us can prove that we are sad to talk to those who look at their future on life is quite pessimistic. It’s painful to let these people go because some of them are likely to be family members. However, you really know that negative emotions are no different from tying a glowing ball to your ankle.

3. Your limited belief

 No matter what your old beliefs are, it can cause destruction in your life. You must recognize what they are in order to enter the higher energy flow. The limited belief in poverty is equal to the limited existence of poverty. You must be open to suggestions or tips that others may give you, because they can guide you while creating your life dreams together.

4. Living in the past

There is nothing wrong with remembering the past, but the danger is spending a lot of time wandering around painful, limited and destructive things. When you fall into a destructive mindset, you activate the law of attraction and start to attract the same old ideas into your life again.  

5. Resentment

This is huge energy consumption. It has no effect on you, it just keeps you entangled in the past. And these things are not only the past, but also beyond your control. Learn to accept what has happened, see what the situation has taught you, then let go of it and move on.

6. Rigidity

You must remain open and let the law of attraction work wonders in your life. From the perspective of where you are now, you can’t see this path too clearly, but you can use your higher self and universe as a better indicator. Openness makes you eager to achieve it in a wonderful and mysterious way. Don’t worry about how to, focus on what to do. 

7. Extremely desire

Have you noticed that when you are desire something deeply, have you noticed what happened to you? Firstly, when you feel a great need to own something, you feel lack, despair and need. Secondly, when you experience these feelings, you will activate the law of attraction, giving you more of your current feelings. Guess what you will get? You will get more opportunities to feel the need, despair and lack. Ask yourself, what would it feel like to have what I want now? This is how you need to pay attention and feel at all times.

8. Lack of guts

Some people have no guts to make a decision. You cannot hide the fact that some people cannot decide for themselves. One reason is that they are used to relying on the leader or someone every time they make a decision. These people are afraid that their decision will be unsuccessful, and they end up with a result that they did not anticipate. If you don’t decide for yourself, how do you know failure or success?

Recognizing your mind block is important to attract what you want. It is so easy to practice the law of attraction. But most importantly aware that you will attract the opposite things if you don’t eliminate the mind block that exists in you. You have to identify as many obstacles as possible to help you improve in the process of manifesting.

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